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Watch the recording of our first-of-its-kind patient-focused meeting with the FDA on June 8, 2018. We discussed life with sleep apnea and how to improve its treatment via drugs and medical devices.

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Sleep Apnea Report

With information from more than 5,000 surveys, the report is in. Learn about sleep apnea from other patients. Find out what has worked and what patients have struggled with.


Sleep apnea is an extremely common condition affecting as many as 18 million individuals of all ages in the U.S. In spite of its prevalence, there are few forums for sleep apnea patients to share their experiences, express their treatment needs, and be heard by those directly involved in research, development, and regulation of medical products.

AWAKE Sleep Apnea initiative is a first-of-its-kind initiative to empower patients to participate in ways that will accelerate progress for care and treatment of sleep apnea. Starting with our June 8 event in Washington, DC.